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Red Sox vs. Orioles Lineups: Keep it rollin’

Los Angeles Dodgers v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The Red Sox are coming off a nice series win against the Blue Jays and the last win on Thursday was one of their more complete games in some time. They’ll look to carry that momentum on the road in Baltimore on Friday. To get that done, David Price will take the mound. The lefty, as we’ve said a million times this year, has been this team’s best pitcher. He’s got some odd-the-field stuff hanging over his head this time out after publicly blasting Dennis Eckersley again for....reasons. It wasn’t a great look, but we’re more concerned with the on-the-field stuff right now. Let’s get it done.

For as bad as the Orioles are, the Red Sox offense won’t have the easiest time on Friday. They go up against John Means, who was Baltimore’s representative at this year’s All-Star game. He probably shouldn’t have been, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been good. He’s had a very impressive season and has already shut this offense down a few times this year. To try and break that, Boston sends an....interesting lineup out there. They’ll have Christian Vázquez at first, Michael Chavis at second, Sandy León behind the plate and Sam Travis in left.

The full lineups are below, in tweet form.