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The Over The Monster Podcast: The second half begins

Is Andrew Cashner enough, will they make any other moves, and what the heck is going on with Chris Sale?

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s episode of the show Keaton and I discuss the disappointing Dodgers series that kicked off the second half of the year. The Red Sox were not able to take the series after having ample opportunity to do so. Dave Dombrowski was not idle though, as he went out and traded for Andrew Cashner who will start on Tuesday. Though neither I nor Keaton were too thrilled with this trade it does fill a void in the fifth stop that had not been performing up to expectations. Cashner is not elite by any means, but he does provide stability and an ability to go six innings that should help the rest of the bullpen. What Keaton and I take issue with on this podcast is how Dombrowski tried to sell players who are either already on the team or already in the minor leagues as additions to the club. Not adding to this club further in the form of a reliever from outside of the organization seems foolish, but it certainly seems like this is going to be it for moves.

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