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The Over The Monster Podcast: More about the bullpen

It has become crystal clear that this unit cannot complete the job it has been consistently tasked with.

MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

So yeah, that London Series happened. As psyched as we were for all of our British baseball pals the series itself did not go as planned for the Red Sox. We kick off this podcast by talking about all the things we liked about the visit to London before we got into the baseball itself. If the implosions of last Wednesday and of Sunday’s game haven’t swayed you that this bullpen isn’t up to task then I don’t know what it’s going to take. This unit is legitimately bad and without an effective Matt Barnes the situation is now untenable. Dave Dombrowski needs to be on the phones pulling the trigger on trades this week. I fear if he waits any longer we may end up with the wild card drifting away just as the division has passed the Red Sox by. As usual we tackle a series of excellent listener questions before wrapping this one up. Keaton and I do our best to keep this one upbeat even as we both want to fire the bullpen into the sun. As usual thanks so much for the download and the listener questions. We appreciate you guys.

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