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The Over The Monster Podcast-Are the Red Sox in trouble?

Is this team really a true talent .500 ball club?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s episode of the show Keaton and I begin to look at where the Red Sox stand after 59 games. Is this team really the .500 ball club their record says they are? If so what deficiencies are holding them back? Conversely, is this team a sleeping giant that just needs to start clicking on all cylinders in order to climb right back in this pennant race? In order to look at this deeper Keaton and I dig into data from the beginning of May to check on how individuals are performing and where the team’s biggest weaknesses lie. We also give you updates on multiple roster moves set off by both performance issues and injuries. We discuss whether or not it was the right move to switch Mookie Betts back to leadoff, and if Michael Chavis can adjust to hit high heat.

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