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Red Sox vs. Yankees Lineups: Across the pond

The first of two in London

Preparations Are Made At The London Stadium Ahead Of Yankees V Red Sox Baseball Weekend Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images

It is finally that time. The Red Sox and Yankees have each had a couple days off and are now over on the other side of the Atlantic to face off in London. It is a historic series and a big one for the league. Beyond that, though, it is still big in the scope of the season. The Yankees are threatening to run away with this division and if the Red Sox want a chance at coming back they’ll need a strong showing in these two games.

For the first one, they have Rick Porcello on the mound to take on Masahiro Tanaka. On the other side, it’s a mostly normal lineup with Andrew Benintendi back. However, he has been bumped down to fifth with Rafael Devers batting second. The full lineups are below, in tweet form.