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Over The Monster Podcast-The Red Sox are slowly turning it around

In this episode the guys break down changes by Christian Vazquez, what is going wrong at the plate for JBJ, and if Michael Chavis will stay up.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Chicago White Sox Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of the Over The Monster Podcast. In today’s episode Keaton and I fill you in on all the happenings from the past week. We include a discussion of what the roster might look like when Dustin Pedroia finishes his rehab assignment and Brock Holt comes back. How does all of this effect Michael Chavis if at all? It’s no secret that Christian Vazquez has looked completely different at the plate this year, Keaton and I take a look at what changes he has made to enjoy this new found success. We discuss the best start of the year for Chris Sale and whether or not we believe he has turned a corner, and lastly we fill you in on why Jackie Bradley Jr. has continued to struggle. The Red Sox are now just a game back of .500, things are getting better!

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