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Over The Monster Podcast-Is this the end for Pedroia?

Jake and Keaton discuss whether or not this is really then end and if it is, where does he rank in Red Sox lore?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Keaton and I went into this Memorial Day edition of the show not really knowing how much we’d have to talk about. Sure, the team was playing an interesting series vs Cleveland, but there wasn’t any huge news. Then the surprise came. Dustin Pedroia’s presser where he announced he was unsure if he’d ever play again and that he is taking a step back from the game. For Pedroia to say this, we all know something must be majorly wrong with his knee. No one, and I mean no one, wants to be out there more than Pedroia does. If this is the end, it is a frustrating one for Pedroia and his fans, but in a way it is also fitting. We always figured Pedroia would be that guy who would have to be dragged off the diamond either by old age and ineffectiveness robbing him of his skills or by his body simply giving out on him. It just so happens it looks like it was his body that was the culprit here. We engage in a spirited discussion about where Pedroia ranks in Red Sox history among all the greats that have called Fenway home and we compare him to Bobby Doerr in a discussion of best Red Sox second baseman of All-Time. Spoiler alert: I give the nod to Pedroia. We also touch on the sad news of the passing of Bill Buckner. We hope you enjoy this rather history heavy episode of the show.

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