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Daily Red Sox Links: Dustin Pedroia, Rafael Devers, Bill Buckner

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In today’s news, Dustin Pedroia may have played his last game, Rafael Devers will play in many others and we say goodbye to Bill Buckner.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley /Getty Images

He may be coming to the end of the road, but Dustin Pedroia has been one of the greats for the Red Sox. (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

Just ask his former manager Terry Francona. (Christopher Smith; MassLive)

While Pedroia’s best days may in the past, Rafael Devers’ are in the present and future. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)

On Monday, Bill Buckner passed away. He spent parts of five seasons with the Red Sox. (Matt Kelly;

After another series loss, the Red Sox are still going to have to figure out the Astros. (Sean McAdam; Boston Sports Journal)