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The Over The Monster Podcast-Giant mailbag edition

In this episode Jake and Keaton sort through all your questions and answer them all!

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Keaton and I are back for this week’s edition of the show. We come to you a day late, but in return we answer any and all questions that you guys sent us about this team. Before we dive deep into all of your questions we discuss the changing climate in the back of the Red Sox bullpen, unexpected high performers on offense, and how we both feel about the division. With another big win Monday over the Toronto Blue Jays the Red Sox have positioned themselves in the thick of the AL East race with a tough schedule ahead of them. They will need to continue to play strong baseball in order to get through teams like the Astros, Yankees, and Rays, all of which are on the horizon. Are they perfect? Hell no, but they sure are getting better. I can honestly say I love watching Chavis and Devers hit and I think I could watch Walden’s slider on loop for hours. We hope you enjoy the show and here’s to another strong week of Red Sox baseball.

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