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OTM Open Thread 5/12: It is Sunday

Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Happy Sunday everyone. The Red Sox won again on Saturday and they have a chance to complete a three-game sweep over the Mariners if they can win again on Sunday. They’ll be sending Hector Velázquez out to the mound for that game in what will likely be a three-inning outing followed by three more innings from Marcus Walden. That is if everything goes according to plan, of course. Meanwhile, the Bruins and Hurricanes had an extra day off but they are back for the second game of the Eastern Conference Finals with the B’s looking to take a big 2-0 lead in that series. The puck drops at 3:00 PM ET for that game. In the NBA, we have a pair of Game Sevens with the Nuggets and Trailblazers playing at 3:30 PM ET while the Sixers and Raptors start at 7:00 PM ET.