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The Red Seat: Episode 109-Why is the team performing so badly?

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In this episode of the show Jake and Patrick diagnose what has gone wrong so far.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

So that didn’t quite go as planned, eh? The Red Sox are somehow 3-8 heading into their home opener on Tuesday. Luckily for the team, and for us, we will have a day off to think about things before this joyous occasion kicks off. Maybe remembering they won 108 games on the way to a World Series will get this team to stop sucking so badly. In this episode I introduce a new co-host to the show, Patrick Magnus. Patrick, like the other new co-host Keaton, got his start at The Dynasty Guru where he does a fantasy podcast called “Dynasty’s Child.” If you like fantasy baseball you should check it out. In this first episode with Patrick we go position by position to diagnose what has gone wrong for the team so far so we know who to point fingers at. We ended up making a list of blame so you the fans know where to direct your ire. We hope you enjoy the show and thanks for the download!

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