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Game 10 Gamethreads: Red Sox vs. Diamondbacks

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It’s hard to imagine it can get any worse than Friday night, and if it can I’d prefer not to see it to be honest. The Red Sox will look to turn things around on Saturday with David Price on the mound. His first start was sort of lumped in with the rest of the rotation on their first turn, but the southpaw was solid with just one too many mistakes. He’ll go up against Luke Weaver. First pitch is scheduled for 8:10 PM ET.

How to Watch

You can watch locally on NESN as well as on the new cord-cutters app FuboTV, which does carry NESN for those in the local market. There is no national broadcast.

How to Listen

WEEI 93.7 AM has the call.

Today on the Site

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Off the Site

Price on Marketing

To the tune of that one song from The LEGO Movie. You know the one

Join us below for the game today. Just remember to be respectful of everyone.

Go Sox!