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Red Sox at Diamondbacks lineup: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Alex Cora is mixing things up, but who the hell knows anymore?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Arizona Diamondbacks
That’s about right!
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You don’t need me to tell you things are bad. They are bad. David Price tries to turn it around tonight, but it honestly feels like until this team gets back to Boston they’re gonna be toast, and the D’Backs are going to eat them up, because toast is good. J.D. Martinez draws short straw in the outfield rotation and sits, while Steve Pearce bats against the righty. Here’s the full menu:

Game 10 at D’Backs

Lineup spot Red Sox Diamondbacks
Lineup spot Red Sox Diamondbacks
1 Andrew Benintendi, LF Adam Jones, RF
2 Mookie Betts, RF Ketel Marte, CF
3 Steve Pearce, 1B Wilmer Flores, 2B
4 Xander Bogaerts, SS David Peralta, LF
5 Rafael Devers, 3B Christian Walker, 1B
6 Eduardo Núñez, 2B Eduardo Escobar, 3B
7 Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Nick Ahmed, SS
8 Christian Vázquez, C Carson Kelly, C
9 Rick Porcello, P Luke Weaver, P
SP David Price, LHP Luke Weaver, RHP

GAMES WITHOUT A LINEUP ERROR (excluding today): Who gives a shit?*

* Also, 0 because I wrote “Nick Admed” yesterday