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Red Sox at Diamondbacks lineup: They’re literally in the desert

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Might be time for a vision quest.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Oakland Athletics
Things have been bad! Like this.
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The Red Sox are not playing baseball well right now, best life continues apace, and the Sox kick off a three-game series in Arizona, of all places, tonight against the Diamondbacks and old friend Torey Lovullo.

Rick Porcello will try to pull the Sox out of their funk, as will a lineup with Andrew Benintendi back at the top of the batter order after a few games with Mookie Betts up there. Betts is back at No. 2 (and playing center field with JBJ drawing short straw in the NL park), Mitch Moreland is at 3 and Rafael Devers is down to 6, followed by Blake Swihart, who’s catching. This is just the latest mix of last year’s philosophies (a 1B/J.D./Xander middle) and this year’s changes (Beni at the top, Swihart catching) that Alex Cora has used to try and spark the team alive. Let’s hope it’s the one that actually works.

The D-Backs start Zack Godley and, having traded Paul Goldschmidt for galaxy-brain reasons, now feature Adam Jones batting cleanup. While I’m baffled on for their sake, I’m happy tonight. Their lineup doesn’t scare me. Does it scare you? Take a look and make up your own mind:

Game 9 at D’Backs

Lineup spot Red Sox Diamondbacks
Lineup spot Red Sox Diamondbacks
1 Andrew Benintendi, LF Jarrod Dyson, CF
2 Mookie Betts, CF Eduardo Escobar, 3B
3 Mitch Moreland, 1B David Peralta, LF
4 J.D. Martinez, RF Adam Jones, RF
5 Xander Bogaerts, SS Christian Walker, 1B
6 Rafael Devers, 3B Ketel Marte, SS
7 Blake Swihart, C Nick Admed, 2B
8 Brock Holt, 2B Alex Avila, C
9 Rick Porcello, P Zack Godley, P
SP Rick Porcello, RHP Zack Godley, RHP

GAMES WITHOUT A LINEUP ERROR (excluding this one): 3