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Mookie Betts high in MVP chances in poll of MLB fans

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

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Who will will the AL MVP?

The latest round of polling went around with our Fanpulse program, which takes place not only among Red Sox fans here at OTM but with fans of every baseball team. This week’s big question for everyone was who would be the frontrunner for MVP. In the American League, there was no surprise who was on top of that list, with the vast majority of fans expecting Mike Trout to be the top choice at the end of the year. Considering he’s on a track to be in the conversation for best player of all-time and has been in the top two in voting in six of the last seven years while finishing fourth in the other year, it’s hard to blame people. Trout is very good. As for who is most likely to win if Trout can’t finish at the top, well, last year’s MVP is number two.

Betts just barely squeezed out ahead of Alex Bregman, who declared he would win MVP in MLB’s new “Let the Kids Play” advertising campaign. Betts is probably the second best player in baseball right now, so fans got this one right.

Elsewhere in our Fanpulse voting, Red Sox fans continue to keep the faith despite a rough start to the year. 100 percent of responders remain confident in Alex Cora as well as the overall direction of the team.

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