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Game 7 Gamethread: Red Sox at Athletics

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At some point the Red Sox have to win a game just by sheer luck, right? RIGHT?! After the pitching imploded in Seattle, the two losses to start the Oakland series have come because of an utter lack of offense. Without actually digging into any of the numbers, my eye test tells me the bats need to be much more aggressive and stop automatically starting behind in every count. As they try to get out of their funk, Nathan Eovaldi is on the mound for Boston to take on Marco Estrada. First pitch is scheduled for 10:07 PM ET, and this will be your space to discuss the action.

How to Watch

You can watch locally on NESN as well as on the new cord-cutters app FuboTV, which does carry NESN for those in the local market. There is no national broadcast tonight.

How to Listen

WEEI 93.7 AM has the call.

Prep for the Game


Series Preview

Today on the Site

Too early to judge

A Salem Preview

Off the Site

I wasn’t around to read anything today, but I found this non-baseball story extremely interesting yesterday.

Brady in the box

Join us below for the game today. Just remember to be respectful of everyone.

Go Sox!