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Red Sox at A’s lineup: Still undefeated on Wednesdays, my dudes

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It is not time to panic. It is time to watch the Red Sox beat the A’s.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Oakland Athletics
C’mon Jackie. Do it to ‘em.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

You wanna feel old? Opening Day was six days ago. This cold streak will end, hopefully starting tonight, but until then all we can do is curse the early season West Coast road trip with the most vigorous energy we can spare after staying up to watch these gut-punchers. At the very least,


The news tonight, for tonight’s 10 p.m. game, if there is any, is that Xander Bogaerts is out tonight, with Brock Holt filling in at shortstop, with Bogey left to rue his triple-that-wasn’t (at least he’s got a new pile of money on which to sleep). The A’s start old Sox nemesis Marco Estrada, but otherwise roll out the same collection of guys they have used to frustrate us to this point, albeit in a slightly different order. This one, specifically:

Game 7 at A’s

Lineup spot Red Sox A's
Lineup spot Red Sox A's
1 Mookie Betts, RF Robbie Grossman, LF
2 Andrew Benintendi, LF Matt Chapman, 3B
3 Rafael Devers, 3B Stephen Piscotty, RF
4 J.D. Martinez, DH Khris Davis, DH
5 Mitch Moreland, 1B Kendrys Morales, 1B
6 Eduardo Núñez, 2B Jurickson Profar, 2B
7 Brock Holt, SS Marcus Semien, SS
8 Blake Swihart, C Ramon Laureano, CF
9 Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Nick Hundley, C
SP Nathan Eovaldi, RHP Marco Estrada, RHP

GAMES WITHOUT A LINEUP ERROR (excluding today): 1