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2019 Pick Five Results

I should have posted this a month ago, but I gave an arbitrary extension to see if Craig Kimbrel or Dallas Keuchel would sign.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley /Getty Images

Every offseason, we run the annual Pick 5 competition, in which our readers choose five players that they believe the Red Sox will acquire. As it turns out, predicting who the Sox will bring into the fold is really hard. In the entire history of Pick 5, nobody has managed to correctly select more than 2 players, which leads to a good deal of ties. Last year, we had a 7-way tie.

So how many would win this time?

List of Entries (Names listed in alphabetical order, correct picks underlined)

#SB7 - Zack Britton, Clay Buchholz, Joe Kelly, Adam Warren, Justin Wilson.

.406 - Brad Brach, Joe Kelly, Kelvin Herrera, Steve Pearce, Justin Wilson.

Absurdly James - Adrian Beltre, Nate Eovaldi, Casey Kelly, J.T. Realmuto, Joakim Soria.

arider1990 - Josh Donaldson, Joe Kelly, Craig Kimbrel, Andrew Miller, Steve Pearce.

Bosoxsince89 - Zack Britton, Nate Eovaldi, Paul Goldschmidt, Adam Ottavino, J.T. Realmuto.

Chris Sanford - Nate Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Jed Lowrie, Steve Pearce, Chris Sanford(?).

crossedsabres8 - Nate Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Steve Pearce, J.T. Realmuto, Tony Sipp.

Debageldond - Nate Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Steve Pearce, David Robertson, Tony Sipp.

gizmosandy - Josh Donaldson, Kelvin Herrera, Jose Iglesias, Joe Kelly, Ryan Madson.

Good_Better_Betts - Nate Eovaldi, Jeurys Familia, Joe Kelly, Steve Pearce, Tyson Ross.

itsjustglorifiedrounders - Clay Buchholz, Brian Dozier, J.A. Happ, Steve Pearce, Joakim Soria.

jaaaaasper - Brad Brach, Clay Buchholz, Ryan Madson, Steve Pearce, Trevor Rosenthal.

Joe_Danger - Matt Adams, Nate Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Adam Ottavino, Hector Santiago.

kalinis - Zack Britton, Jacob deGrom, Craig Kimbrel, Andrew Miller, Joey Votto.

Madrid above all - Jeurys Familia, Craig Kimbrel, Andrew Miller, Steve Pearce, Tony Sipp.

mattowens04 - Nate Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Craig Kimbrel, Adam Ottavino, Steve Pearce.

On to Lansdowne Street - Nate Eovaldi, Paul Goldschmidt, Joe Kelly, Jed Lowrie, Adam Ottavino.

Phantom255x - Zack Britton, Joe Kelly, Andrew Miller, Adam Ottavino, Steve Pearce.

South Coast Ghost - Kelvin Herrera, Joe Kelly, Charlie Morton, Steve Pearce, Taylor Rogers.

soxpatsceltics - Brad Brach, Nate Eovaldi, Matt Harvey, Adam Ottavino, Justin Wilson

steel43 - Nate Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Yusei Kikuchi, Charlie Morton, Tony Sipp.

Tenspro2002 - Zack Britton, Matt Harvey, Joe Kelly, Andrew Miller, Steve Pearce.

ty42198 - Nate Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Adam Ottavino, Steve Pearce, Tony Sipp.

xii_dex - Brian Dozier, Nate Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Steve Pearce, J.T. Realmuto.

Of the 24 official entries, 7 had the magical winning combination of Nate Eovaldi and Steve Pearce. A further 12 had at least one of the two, and can claim runner-up honors. Nobody guessed three, however, and nobody correctly guessed a player besides Pearce or Eovaldi. Though, to be fair, the Red Sox didn’t really add anybody.

So congrats to this year’s winners: Chris Sanford, crossedsabres8, Dabageldond, Good_Better_Betts, mattowens04, ty42198, and xii_dex. They get added to the Hall of Winners. This is also crossedsabres8’s second time on the list, which makes them literally the best player of this game in OTM history, so congratulations to them.

Unfortunately, we have still yet to break the “2 barrier”. Maybe next year.

Past Winners with links (Can anyone guess 3?)

2019 Pick 5 Winners: Chris Sanford, crossedsabres8, Dabageldond, Good_Better_Betts, mattowens04, ty42198, and xii_dex (2)

2018 Pick 5 Winners: Chelista625, Bogey2Short, SirBenjaminPK, Ricochet!, crossedsabres8, REDSOXFAN1973, timtime321 (2)

2017 Pick 5 Winners: sguglie2, titio1300, On to Lansdowne Street (1)

2016 Pick 5 Winner: Rick Bentsen (2)

2015 Pick 5 Winner: RogueNine (2)

2014 Pick 5 Winner: .406 (2)

2013 Pick 5: Pick 5 Writer’s Strike

2012 Pick 5 Winner: aubatron2011 (2)

2011 Pick 5 Winner: mg050369 (2)