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Red Sox and Rays rained out on Friday night

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The second postponement in a week for the Sox

MLB: World Series-Los Angeles Dodgers at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there’s not going to be any baseball on Friday night at Fenway. The Red Sox and Rays were supposed to kick off a three-game set tonight, but falling water got in the way. Josh Smith was called up to make this start, but he’ll presumably head back down to Pawtucket without having been able to pitch. This is the second time in a week the Red Sox have had to cancel a game due to rain, as they also missed their series opener against the Tigers this past Monday. They played a doubleheader the following day that time around, but that won’t be the case here. Boston and Tampa Bay will still play a doubleheader, but this one won’t be until June 8. So, instead this series has been shortened to two games. David Price and Chris Sale will still start on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, as was originally planned. The Rays, meanwhile, have simply pushed their Friday and Saturday starters back. Charlie Morton will oppose David Price on Saturday with Tyler Glasnow taking on Chris Sale for Sunday’s game.