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Game 15 Gamethread: Red Sox vs. Orioles

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The Red Sox will look to turn this into a real streak on Saturday as a win will push it up to three in a row. They got the pitching on Friday night, even if a rough outing from Tyler Thornburg made things look a little worse than they had to be. Rick Porcello will try to pick up where Eduardo Rodriguez left off, with Andrew Cashner taking the hill for the Orioles. First pitch is scheduled for 1:05 PM ET, and this will be your space to discuss the game.

How to Watch

You can watch locally on NESN as well as on the new cord-cutters app FuboTV, which does carry NESN for those in the local market. Nationally, the game will be carried on MLB Network for those out of market and it is also MLB.TV’s Free Game of the Day.

How to Listen

WEEI 93.7 AM has the call.

Prep for the Game


Series Preview

Today on the Site

More bad weather on the farm

MLB The Show gives us hope

Off the Site

Yeah it’s about the Yankees but read it anyway

Clean that mouth out with soap

Join us below for the game today. Just remember to be respectful of everyone.

Go Sox!