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OTM Open Thread 4/13: It is Saturday

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Atlantic 10 Basketball Tournament - Semifinals - UMass v VCU
Yeah I’m doing this
Photo by Jason Szenes/Getty Images

Happy Saturday everyone. The Red Sox won their second game in a row on Friday night, the first time they’ve accomplished that feat in 2019. We’ll see if Eduardo Rodriguez shining on the mound can spark a trend of success for a rotation that desperately needs to turn things around. That’ll be put to the test this afternoon with Rick Porcello taking on Andrew Cashner for an afternoon game. Then, in the evening, the Bruins look to even up their first round series against the Maple Leafs. But the big one and the game that matters most today is at 8:00 PM ET in Buffalo. UMass is playing for a national championship in hockey, and I’m pretty excited about it! Use this space to discuss whatever you’d like. As always, just be nice to each other.