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FanPost Friday - What Move Would You Change?

It’s been a long two weeks for the Red Sox. Long enough that many should have an idea what they’d have changed.

Boston Red Sox v Arizona Diamondbacks
Look, you can suggest trading Price and his contract all you want, but he’s not going anywhere.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s no secret. Many Red Sox fans (hell, sports fans in general) think they know how to run a franchise, and are very vocal about how they would do it from their armchairs. In some cases, this is frowned upon, but not here. Not today.

The Red Sox are 4-9 as of this writing in a tie for last place in the American League East. Coming from a team that won a billion games and the World Series in their last season, this is a very disappointing start to the campaign. You could even call it... regrettable.

Early, there’s been a lot of finger pointing as to why the team is struggling (and most of it is on the rotation, given how poorly every outing has gone), but not many solutions for how it can be fixed in short order.

So my challenge for you this weekend is to come up with one move (and no, having Alex Cora play the pitchers in Spring Training is not a move. If it was, we’d have only articles about that) you would undo, or one non-move that you would enact, to make the team better, to try and undo the 4-9 start (or if you believe we’re best off not fixing it, and looking to the future, you can suggest something else like trading Mookie Betts for prospects, I’m not going to judge until I hear you out, after all). The only rule is you only get one. One move you can undo, or one non-move that you can pull off. That’s it.

Any well written opinion has a chance to land on the main page, so flex your writing muscles and bring the heat!

Refer to this old prompt if you have questions about just what FanPost Friday is, and how to participate.