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Confidence is slowly starting to wane among Red Sox fans

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Overall it’s still high, though.

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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How confident are Red Sox fans?

Things are starting to get worrisome in Red Sox nation after they have lost nine of their first twelve games, and people are understandably shook. Coming off a historic World Series run and armed with huge expectations heading into this 2019 season, everyone was generally confident in this team as Opening Day rolled around, and a tough first week wouldn’t change that. Make it two weeks, though, and people start to notice. The overall confidence in the team is down to 76 percent while confidence in Alex Cora is down to 88 percent. Both of those had been at a clean 100 percent for the first two weeks. Let’s hope that line trends back up the next time we do this.

Bat Flips?

Nationally, fans of every team were asked for their thoughts on bat flips, and the results weren’t super surprising. Internet crowds obviously skew younger, and younger fans are more likely to be into the showmanship. In case you missed it, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and got into a scuffle this week after Chris Archer threw behind Derek Dietrich, who had admired a home run earlier in the game a bit too long for Archer’s liking. Bat flips are good, though part of me is wondering if they lose meaning when they are used for every home run. Probably not.

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