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Game 5 Gamethread: Red Sox at Athletics

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The Red Sox dropped three of four in their first series of the year with their starting pitching looking like poop in all four games. David Price will try to turn that around on Monday in Oakland, with the A’s countering with Aaron Brooks. The starting pitching should be in Boston’s favor, but, well, you know. First pitch is scheduled for 10:07 PM ET, and this will be your space to discuss the action.

How to Watch

Once again, there is no national broadcast for this game, though you can watch locally on NESN as well as on the new cord-cutters app FuboTV, which does carry NESN for those in the local market.

How to Listen

WEEI 93.7 AM has the call.

Prep for the Game


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You look different, Craig

Join us below for the game today. Just remember to be respectful of everyone.

Go Sox!