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The Red Seat: Episode 108-The superlative episode

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox are back! Baseball is back! We are back! After a three week hiatus and a switching of our podcast platform we are back with you for a fourth season on the Red Seat podcast. We will be with you weekly during the season starting now and will have some new members of the team for you to listen to. With Matt and Bryan stepping away from the show we have Keaton DeRocher, and another member who I will introduce to you next week, stepping into the show. We are committed to bringing you the same kind of high quality, it depth work you have been used to on The Red Seat and we are the perfect listening companion to your Red Sox season. If you are still interested in checking out shows with myself and Matt Collins please tune into the new Locked On Red Sox podcast for a daily dose of Sox news. On this episode Keaton and I discuss the superlatives for the year and make some predictions.

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