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Celebrate the Chris Sale extension in style

Bringing back an old favorite for the new deal

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The Red Sox have agreed to a new five-year deal with Chris Sale that will pay the ace $145 million over five seasons and keep the ace in town for the foreseeable future. It’s a huge moment for fans, of course, as the most electrifying pitcher this city has seen since Pedro will take the ball every five days for Boston for a long, long time. The Red Sox may have, perhaps even probably would have, been fine with or without Sale. They’ve obviously had trouble developing pitchers, but Dave Dombrowski has a way of finding top-level talent, even if it’s not the most efficient avenue to acquiring talent. That being said, he would have been hard pressed to find anyone as good as Sale.

As we all know, Sale Days are events around these parts. I have never had a chance to see one in person and can only imagine the sensation that comes from watching this wiry southpaw make 12-15 batters look stupid in every single outing. He is one of a kind, and our friends over at BreakingT are going to help us celebrate in style. We’re bringing back an old favorite to celebrate this momentous occasion, reminding ourselves and everyone around us that every day should indeed be Sale Day.

If you’ve never bought any of the shirts we’ve partnered to send out with the help of BreakingT, they are super comfortable. 100 percent cotton and light-fitting, they are perfect for both a casual stroll to the store or a trip to the gym.

These guys can be purchased by following this link, and if you are interested in any other Boston sports-related shirts, you can follow this link and check out the entire collection.