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Over the Monster Opening Day Apparel Guide

Baseball is almost back! Let’s make sure you’re ready to go with some new merch.

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Boston Red Sox Victory Parade Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

We are, amazingly, closing in on Opening Day, which is only a couple weeks away now. In a way, it seems like the season ended just yesterday, with Chris Sale striking out Manny Machado to clinch a World Series victory. It doesn’t seem long ago at all when we watched the Red Sox storm the field, cover each other in champagne and then ride through the raucous Boston streets. In another way, it seems like it’s been forever since all of that happened. It’s been a long, cold winter and while the temperatures aren’t quite rising yet there’s not better sign that warmth is on the way then baseball coming back into our lives.

With all of that in mind, it’s time to celebrate the return of baseball (and tax return season) with some gifts to ourselves or our loved ones. We’re here to help with a few gift ideas for the 2019 season.

Is it petty to still be celebrating an ALDS win over the Yankees despite the fact that Boston has won the division three times in a row and just won the damn World Series? Yeah, probably. Is that going to stop me? Absolutely not.

What better way to spend the lead-up to the start of 2019 by looking back at the historic run of 2018? Just because we turn the page to the coming season doesn’t mean we close the book completely on last year.

Just because winter is almost over doesn’t mean we can’t use hoodies or pullovers. Spring is still hoodie season, and then we really only have a couple of months before hoodie season comes right back.

Have you heard the Red Sox won the World Series last year?

I may have mentioned here once or twice that I enjoy a good hat. These are both good hats.

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