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Does it feel like baseball season yet?

Baseball season is very close. Has it set in for you already?

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

We’re more than a week into February. Are you starting to get “those” feelings?

This is certainly the time of year when those itches for baseball really start to creep in. For sports fans in Boston, it’s ever so true. Football season is over, culminating once again with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl a week ago today. It was their third championship in five years, and their sixth since 2001. Tom Brady now has rings for more than half of his fingers.

The championship parade took place on Tuesday, wrapping up the 2018-19 season for the Pats once and for all. And now we all know what’s coming up next … spring training down in Fort Myers.

Players are already beginning to head down south, with a few of them already down there. Even though it’s still technically winter (Editors Note: I may be getting close to a foot of snow on Wednesday, so yes it is still winter) there’s a tiny hint of spring in the air, signifying that baseball season is just around the corner. Before too much longer, the Red Sox will be down in Fort Myers getting ready to partake in meaningless, but still glorious, spring training games.

It won’t be long until we’re hearing the heavenly sound of bats smacking baseballs, and the crack of a baseball landing in a glove. That’s when those “hey, it’s baseball season” feelings really start to set in.

For me, I’m not quite there yet. I’m still soaking in another Super Bowl title (it just never gets old). I’m still very much enthralled in this roller coaster Celtics season, wondering if Kyrie Irving’s days in green really are numbered and praying that he doesn’t actually want to reunite with LeBron James in Los Angeles.

But nevertheless, I can’t deny that “those” feelings have started to sneak up on me. Though it still won’t hit me for a couple more weeks, my anticipation is slowly starting to build. Soon enough, I’ll be watching spring training games on the regular and looking forward to a banner celebration at Fenway Park in early April.

Does it feel like baseball season yet? Not quite.

But man, it sure is close.