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Pick your favorite players of the decade

Who was the ultimate fan favorite?

Fenway Park Snow Fall Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The end of the season brings upon a period of reflection. With the end of a decade drawing near, the window of reflection widens.

The 2010s were a tumultuous time for the franchise, but you’d be excused for wearing rose-colored glasses. A lot of that turmoil was been overshadowed by two World Series championships. That said, we’d be remiss if we forgot The Best Team Ever, the beer and chicken scandal, Bobby Valentine, or the Pablo Sandoval contract.

But when I look back on past times, I don’t linger on large, grandiose events as much as I do the players I invested so much time in. Some of my favorite memories of the decade are from watching Adrian Beltre pick it at third base, or Bill Hall somehow scraping together his first good season in four years, or watching Darnell McDonald throw lobs in the 17th inning of a regular season game.

I know that you have fond memories just like I do, so I wanted to see who your favorite Red Sox’s of the decade were. Anyone who played a game for the Red Sox this decade is eligible. There’s no other criteria. Just pick who you liked most! Ten players aren’t required, but are encouraged.

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