Fanpost Friday: Coming up with a bad Sox trade

There have been many bad trades over the years. Some could be seen from a mile away (Chris Archer trade, anyone?) whereas others end up looking bad only in hindsight. Some look bad to some people and good to others. Some, everyone thought would be good, and it ends up a bust! Some trades both teams win, others both teams lose.

But none of those are the goal for this post. No, rather, we are trying to come up with a clear, obvious, awful trade for Red Sox and only the Red Sox. To be clear, this is NOT a trade I would do or suggest. In fact, if it happened I’d probably cry. Nevertheless, I am going to suggest it anyway. In my parameters, I wanted to try to come up with something that would never happen but COULD be possible in the context of the needs of each club. In the case, the Angels need good pitching, the Sox need to drastically shed payroll, and Tigers need young upside. And thus, the following mega-deal was born.

Red Sox Trade:

Chris Sale (To LAA)

David Price (To LAA)

Michael Chavis (To LAA)

Andrew Benintendi (To DET)

Bryan Mata (To DET)

Rafael Devers (To DET)

Angels Trade:

David Fletcher (To BOS)

Patrick Sandoval (To BOS)

Brandon Marsh (To DET)

Tigers Trade:

Miguel Cabrera (To BOS)

Jeimer Candelario (To BOS)

Tyler Alexander (To BOS)

Jacoby Jones (To BOS)

In this deal, we are replacing Sale and Price with Alexander and Sandoval. We are filling our three infield positions (losing Devers) with Candelario, Cabrera, and Fletcher. We are subbing in Jones for Benintendi. Thus, we have filled in our entire roster. We have also saved about 27 million, which puts us under the tax threshold and would allow for one bullpen signing. Therefore, we have met our goals! Go Red Sox!

Oh, and the Angels get two starters and a young 2B in Chavis for their troubles, and Detroit gets Benintendi, Devers, and two prospects for their troubles. Yay! All in a days work, right?

Right. Hey Red Sox, lets pretend I never put this out there as I go drown my sorrows in a tub of ice cream, shall we? We don’t need to give Chaim Bloom any ideas.

Happy Holidays! Let’s hope for a REAL and exciting trade from our actual Red Sox!