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The Over The Monster Podcast: The Mookie Trade Wheel!

In this episode we go over recent transactions, spin the Mookie Betts trade wheel, and then get into new years resolutions for the team.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Hello again! It has been three weeks in a row for our podcast even though we are in the depths of the offseason. With little happening this past week aside from claiming an unheralded pitcher off of waivers and signing eight guys to minor league contracts you might be wondering what the hell we talked about on this podcast.

Ye of little faith! Turns out Keaton and I are great at making things up. Our first idea, which was really Keaton’s idea, was the Mookie Betts Trade Wheel! The way it works, we load the wheel up with teams that might want to trade for Mookie’s services, the wheel is then spun and whoever is chosen that person must make a trade package to acquire Mookie. The other person plays the role of Bloom and will reject, accept, or renegotiate the deal. It was quite fun.

Next we decided to make three New Year’s resolutions each for the team involving payroll, current players, adding players through FA and or trades, and much more. I don’t really like celebrating New Year’s so this is as much as you will get out of me on that front. Lastly, we end with some listener questions.

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