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OTM Open Thread 12/21: It is Saturday

Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Happy Saturday everyone. It’s a big triple-header for the NFL on this Saturday, and that includes a Patriots game. They are in the middle slot, looking to wrap up the division and work towards clinching a first-round bye as they take on the Bills at home in Foxboro. That one starts at 4:30 PM ET. All of these games are on NFL Network, but this one will be broadcast on network TV locally for those without NFL Network. The Texans and Bucs play the early game at 1:00 PM ET while the Rams and 49ers are the late game at 8:15 PM ET. Meanwhile, there is some college basketball throughout the day including Kansas-Villanova at noon on FOX as well as Ohio State and Kentucky at 5:15 PM ET on CBS. There are also six bowl games, which I will not list out here. Use this space to discuss whatever you’d like. As always, just be nice to each other.

Thing I Like Today

I am late on it but this, The Art of Dying, is an incredible pice of writing.