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OTM Open Thread 12/14: It is Saturday

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Happy Saturday everyone. The Bruins are back in action as they look to snap out of their recent funk. They’ll be down in sunny Miami to take on the Panthers in a game that starts at 7:00 PM ET. The college football season is basically over, with the only regular season game remaining is the annual Army-Navy game. That will be today at 3:00 PM ET on CBS. There’s also college basketball on all day including a good Oregon-Michigan matchup at noon on CBS, a Memphis-Tennessee game at 3:00 PM ET on ESPN and a Gonzaga-Arizona game at 10:00 PM ET on ESPN2. Use this space to discuss whatever you’d like. As always, just be nice to each other.

Things I Like Today

I can’t get over this guy’s Tony Soprano impression. The actual content of what he is saying is not important (i.e. we don’t need to have those discussions below!) but the voice and cadence is bizarrely accurate.