OTM Community Awards Voting: Most Valuable Poster

Rejoice, oh ye OTMers, for the time of the final ballot is at hand! Old ballots are still active at least through the weekend, so there's still time for you to weigh in on the question of who the Rookie of the Year is, what the Most Knowledgeable Poster is named, and which are the Most Cheerful and Most Persnickety Posters.

Verily, it is at long last the opportune moment wherein we may designate that poster to whom we attach the most value.

Different people, I presume, will have different ways of assigning value. Some might emphasize counting stats, like the total number of comments or interactions; it takes dedication to type all that verbiage out! Others might prefer quality over quantity, and base their vote on a handful of memorable or enjoyable incidents; sometimes one kind word can make a bad day turn around! Maybe you will fall somewhere in between. Since we're not trying to compare posters from different eras or anything like that, all you need to do is decide what you value and then figure out who exemplifies that best. Easy peasy, right?!

Now for the voting! This ballot will close at the end of next Thursday, and the results will be tallied and reported on Friday the 20th. May the best poster win!