Another Mookie in Queens

Bear with me on this one. Not the Betts/Syndegaard trade, but this:

Mets receive Mookie Betts and CJ Chatham

Red Sox receive Jeff McNeil and Jed Lowrie

Before you blow up, here's the logic: McNeil was the Swiss army knife of that team and could easily plug either into our LF (if Lowrie is vaguely healed) or 2B. He's a high average/OBP left handed bat who can get on in front of JD and Xander and Devers.

Lowrie is only on contract through 2020 @ $10MM, which is a tough pill for a team trying to shed payroll, BUT McNeil is under team control for the next 5 years. This sets us up to win now and win in the future.

(Also: thinks the deal is fair!)