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Yes, we made a Keep Mookie shirt


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Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

We all know the biggest storyline of the winter for the Red Sox is going to be surrounding Mookie Betts. With ownership deciding they need to cut payroll significantly, something is going to have to give. Among the possibilities is trading Mookie Betts, who is the second best player in baseball, the best position player the Red Sox have had in at least four decades, and the face of the franchise at this point if there is just one. Betts is also one of the most highly paid arbitration players of all time and in the final year of team control before he can hit the open market.

Because of that last part, there are many who believe the best course of action is to deal Mookie Betts and get what you can for him now before he potentially leaves in free agency. That is, however, not the official position of OTM. (I declared that like Michael Scott declared bankruptcy.) To make that even clearer, we — with the help of our friends over at BreakingT — have a new shirt. There’s not much explanation here. Keep Mookie. Just do it.

We’ve got these ones in both tees and hoodies, and if you’ve never bought one of these shirts in the past I’m sure others will confirm when I say how comfortable they are. So, join the crowd clamoring to keep the best player on the Red Sox. Keep Mookie. Buy the shirts here.