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FanPost Friday : Finding a Direction for the 2020 Red Sox

What path will they take?

Chaim Bloom Press Conference
Chaim Bloom is trusting you. Don’t disappoint him.
Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Now that the offseason is officially underway, signings, trades, and all manner of discussion are going to dominate the baseball world for the next five months. Up until the very end of spring training, some high-profile players will be left on the board as teams try to finish up their rosters.

The 2020 Red Sox have a lot of questions to answer. One was answered for them (for now, at least) when J.D. Martinez decided not to opt out of his contract for the upcoming season. The rest of the pieces are still in the air.

Last week, we asked you to undo a move. This week, we’re asking you to be the GM the Red Sox desperately need. Chaim Bloom has hired you to do this job because he has more important things to do, like fixing the structure of the organization from the ground up. He’s trusting your judgement. You best not disappoint him.

Give us your direction for the 2020 Red Sox, what signings they should make, what trades they should (or should not) pursue, and what their overall goal or mission strategy will be for the next 365 days.

By the nature of this request, you may find yourself thinking about 2021, 2022, or even 2032. However far into the future you want to think about is relevant here, because your moves will have a lasting consequence on the organization. If it is important to your process, definitely feel free to discuss the future!

Good luck with this prompt, and have a wonderful weekend!