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The Over The Monster Podcast: Is Mookie Betts Overrated?

In this episode we discuss the article that inflamed Red Sox nation.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a while since our last podcast, we are coming to you bi-weekly here in the off season. The biggest news that happened since our last podcast was the J.D. Martinez opt-in. During this episode Keaton and I break down the opt-in and what it means for the payroll for 2020.

If you follow Keaton and I on twitter, which you should, you may have seen us arguing about the recent Dan Shaughnessy article entitled “Face It, Red Sox Fans, You are overrating Mookie Betts a bit.” We break it down line by line to find out if there was anything misleading in the article other than it’s headline.

Next we discuss Mookie Betts by doing something we don’t usually do, talking about rumors. There are some floating around and I share some well sourced rumor mill rumblings about the future of one popular right fielder.

Lastly, we discuss when the right time would be to trade Mookie Betts if you do in fact believe he has no intentions of resigning with the team. What would a package look like? How would him agreeing to work out an extension with that club change the return?

Thanks for listening and we will be with you in two weeks or if big news breaks before then.

In Episode 138 of “Over The Monster Podcast”, Jake Devereaux (@DevJake) and Keaton DeRocher (@TheSpokenKeats ) discuss the latest Red Sox news. Topics include:

· What was your reaction to J.D. Martinez opting in?

· How does this decision affect the rest of the roster?

· Was the title the most offensive thing about the Dan Shaughnessy article about Mookie Betts?

· Did he actually say anything in the article that we disagree with?

· Jake shares some rumors about Mookie Betts’ preferences to play elsewhere.

· We discuss when the right time would be to trade Mookie Betts if he does not want to be here.

· Listener Questions!