The Mookie Betts Saga: Where could he end up, and what package makes it worth it?

This offseason is going to be a big one. Not only do we have a non-mandate mandate to shed payroll, but we have a new head of baseball in Chaim Bloom and a creative, long-term oriented front office. We also have a superstar, one of the best in the game, on the last year of his contract and seemingly determined to hit free agency.

We can debate back and forth the merits of trading Mookie versus keeping him, or whether ownership should just suck it up and back up the Brinks truck for him. But, if we operate under the assumption that he will be traded, what would that even look like?

Well, I decided to go ahead and take a look at what big asks we could look at from a team. Now, the reality is we have no clue what a deal for Mookie could look like, because the current baseball climate is so unique. Teams are highly reluctant to trade their prospects for rentals, and like having as much team control as possible. That points to what would likely be a disappointing return for Mookie. However, a player the caliber of Mookie also doesn’t come available often, if at all, especially at the beginning of a season. To add to that, some teams have tons of prospect depth, some teams may be that one move away from winning it all, and some teams are desperate to just make any splash in an effort to show the fans they are trying.

So, with those premises in mind, I decided to compile a list of all the teams I could remotely see connected in some way to a Mookie deal, and put together big ask deals that I would love to see a team send as a return, based on what they have in their system. Again, it’s hard to say whether any team would make these moves, because moving Mookie is such an unprecedented decision. I tend to lean the direction of, we will be disappointed with the return we get for him, but all it takes is one team wanting to shake everything up.

So, here it goes. My asks from each team who may come calling for Mookie:

1.) San Diego Padres:

  • Gore/Patino
  • Trammell/Urias
  • Third lower piece (Campusano, Potts, Weathers, Cantillo)
2.) Chicago White Sox:
  • Kopech/Robert
  • Madrigal
  • Third lower piece (Adolfo, Thompson, Dalquist)
3.) Los Angeles Dodgers:
  • May/Lux/Verdugo
  • Ruiz/Gray/Downs
  • Third lower piece (Peters, Grove, Rodriguez)
4.) Houston Astros:
  • Whitley
  • Tucker
  • Third lower piece (Paredes, Solis)
5.) Atlanta Braves:
  • Waters/Pache
  • Anderson/Wright/Muller/Wilson
  • Toussaint/De La Cruz/Tarnole/Dean
6.) New York Mets:
  • McNeil
  • Gimenez/Vientos/Alvarez
  • Third lower piece (Kilome/Szapucki/Smith/Valdez)
7.) St. Louis Cardinals
  • Carlson
  • 2 of Montero/Thompson/Torres
  • Arozarena
8.) San Francisco Giants
  • Ramos/Luciano
  • 2 of Corry/Hjelle/Canario
  • Fourth lower piece (Pomares, Toribio, Fabian, Labour)
9.) Cleveland Indians
  • Jones
  • McKenzie
  • Valera
10.) Minnesota Twins
  • Kiriloff
  • Balazovic/Larnach/Duran
  • Third lower piece (Cantenero/Wallner/Enlow)
11.) Philadelphia Phillies:
  • Bohm/Howard
  • Medina/Morales
  • Ortiz
  • Miller
Of these possibilities, I would guess that the Braves and the Padres are the most likely scenarios. There could always be a mystery team, but I just can’t see any other teams that would make any sense to go in. And of course, teams could counter offer at a lower value that ends up what we accept. But based on the talent of Mookie and our need to extract every possible amount of value we can for him, these packages would be my first ask in hopes someone wants to make a huge splash for 2020.