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Fanpost Friday: Rewriting History by Undoing a Single Move

You are a time traveler. You are also GM of the Red Sox somehow. You get to pick exactly one move from the past 365 days to undo.

2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox Visit Walter Reed
Dave Dombrowski has gone on vacation during your one move. He will return immediately following your undo.
Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The Washington Nationals just won the World Series. That’s really cool. It’s also really hard not to draw parallels. On May 1, the Red Sox were 14-17. The Nationals were 12-17. On June 1, the Red Sox were 29-29. The Nationals were 25-33. You get the idea. The Nationals somehow started 2019 even worse than the Red Sox.

Maybe the Red Sox could have been the Nationals this year. Maybe not. And more likely than not, it was going to take more than one singular move to make that happen.

Here’s where fantasy is cool though. A magical fairy has given you the oddly specific power to travel back up to 365 days into the past. Also, you are general manager of the Red Sox for some reason. Cool. The power comes with a catch though, once you undo one singular move you will destroy all of time and return back to the present. That’s it. One move is all it takes to destroy time. Good job breaking it, hero.

Jokes aside, the prompt is a pretty simple one:

If you were given the power to undo a single move from the past year, what would that move be?

There’s no limit to what you can undo, but there are a few ground rules.

  1. You cannot add caveats like “I’d undo the signing of Nate Eovaldi and use the money to sign ___________”. You only get to undo a move, and trust the org figures something out after that.
  2. You cannot get rid of players who were under contract for 2019 as of the end of the 2018 World Series. You can’t just dump David Price if that’s your aim.
  3. The move does not have to be limited to a player. It can extend to a draft pick, a firing, a coaching or management decision, or anything else within the other rules.

Happy Friday!