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OTM Open Thread 10/31: It is Thursday


New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Happy Thursday and happy Halloween, everyone. What is everyone dressing up as today? Personally, I’m going as an adult. FOLKS. Anyway, my lameness aside today is also the first day without baseball, which is kind of a bummer. Even worse, there’s no Celtics or Bruins game to make the transition easier. Just throwing us right into the fire. Pretty rude, tbh. There is a football game tonight with the 49ers trying to stay undefeated as they take on the Cardinals. That game kicks off at 8:20 PM ET. There are a couple of nationally televised NBA games today on TNT, with Miami and Atlanta (without Trae Young) playing at 7:00 PM ET while Denver and New Orleans play at 9:30 PM ET.

Thing I Like Today

I am a total sucker for professional teams celebrating championships. Ever since I was a kid, it is just the pinnacle of second-hand joy for me. I would watch championships of sports I didn’t even care about just to watch the celebration. Anyway, I really liked watching Max Scherzer and Aníbal Sánchez celebrating together. It made me very happy.