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MLB Roundup 10/30: Nationals force Game Seven

World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game Six Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Nats force Game Seven

This has been one of the most boring World Series in recent memories on a game-to-game basis. The first game was fairly exciting, but then it’s been mostly blowouts since then. Until Game Six, that is. If you just see the final score and notice the Nationals won by five runs, you may think it’s just another blowout. This was a phenomenal game, though, with a whole lot of twists and turns. I think you have to start with Stephen Strasburg, though, who has become an October legend in this postseason. On Tuesday he went 8 13 strong innings, recovering after giving up two runs in the first to go scoreless for the rest of his night. He admitted after the game he was tipping pitches in that first inning.

The big blow against Strasburg was a home run from Alex Bregman in the first, and the Astros star admired his shot and carried the bat all the way to first. So, Juan Soto came up a few innings later and hit a homer of his own and he did the same thing. The real big moment came in the seventh. Here, Trea Turner hit a little swinging bunt back to the pitcher and at first it appeared the throw to first got away, putting runners on second and third with nobody out. Instead, Turner was called for interference. It may have been within the letter of the law — I’m still not 100 percent sure on that, though it does seem to be the case — but it is a play that happens all the time and is never called. Understandably, the Nationals got pissed, Davey Martinez became the first manager to be ejected from a World Series game since 1996, and the end result was having just a runner on first with one out. Rasheed Wallace taught us the ball don’t lie, though, and a couple batters later Anthony Rendon hit a two-run homer (that really only goes out in Houston) to extend Washington’s then one-run lead to three. They’d add on a couple more, and that was that. Game Seven is Wednesday night and has Max Scherzer going up against Zack Greinke. For a boring series, there’s potential for an all-time ending here.

Sox Spin: Strasburg is making himself more and more money. I’m starting to think Washington is just going to bring him back for whatever it takes at this point, but don’t sleep on the Yankees making a big move like this. Also, today is the last day for baseball for a while, so enjoy.