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The Over The Monster Podcast: The Red Sox hire Chaim Bloom

In this episode Keaton and I discuss the new Chief Baseball Officer and whether or not this is the right hire for the team.

MLB: Winter Meetings Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As you are reading this the baseball season may be in its last day of the year and is certainly breathing its last breaths of 2019. Pretty soon the rest of the league will be planning for 2020 the same way that the Red Sox have been since essentially August 1st. The most important part of that planning process was finally completed by the team within the last few days when they hired Chaim Bloom to run their baseball operations department.

Bloom is a tremendous hire by this ownership group and one that frankly, Keaton and I , were a little surprised they were able to pull off. Sure, they are the Red Sox and there are only 30 of these jobs in the world. However, the handling of the Dombrowski firing by ownership left a lot to be desired. It was fair to ask and remains fair to ask if it is a smart move for a young executive to work for this ownership group. I think the answer to that is yes.

There is so much that Bloom brings to the table from his time with Tampa Bay. He has proven to be creative, forward thinking, and collaborative—the later became an immediate buzzword during the presser yesterday. The Red Sox will need someone with all of these traits to navigate the upcoming situations with J.D. Martinez. Mookie Betts, and more. Bloom will have every opportunity to put his mark on this club immediately and in a way that will be felt for years to come.

In this episode we spend a tremendous amount of time breaking down all the angles of this hire and mapping out some priorities for Bloom. We hope you enjoy it and we will continue to be with you during this pivotal off-season.