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FanPost Friday - Favorite Postseason Memories

The World Series is almost here and... the Red Sox aren’t playing in it! So instead of being sad, let’s think about awesome things.

Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz runs t Photo credit should read KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP via Getty Images

After Thursday’s drumming, the Astros are a game away from meeting the Nationals in the World Series in what has the potential to be a pitching duel for the ages.

That gets my blood pumping, because who doesn’t love a good pitcher’s duel? I also love the idea of the Yankees not being in the World Series, and I’m sure we can all agree on that point as well. But one fact we cannot ignore: The Nationals are not the Red Sox. Neither are the Astros.

So I’d like to remember the awesome playoff moments we’ve all shared, the feelings captured by them and the best individual performances you’ve seen by players, whether it be in a single game, a single series, or the entire playoffs.

What player and/or moment from Red Sox playoff history stands out most to you, and why?

I have my own moment to share as well, in case we don’t get enough responses. But I have hope we all pitch in this weekend!