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FanPost Friday : Playoff Predictions

Place your bets!

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

OK, I know the season technically isn’t over yet, and some of the playoff spots are still up in the air. But by next Friday, the first game of the ALDS will be played, and by then, it will be too late to predict the results of play-in games. So we’re doing this, right here, right now.

Below, I’ll post a quick list of current playoff teams, and their “currently scheduled opponent” for the first round. This is trickier for the National League, so use your best judgement. If you want, you can even wait until Sunday or Monday to post your predictions to ensure your picks are more up to date.

American League

#5 Oakland Athletics at #4 New York Yankees

#3 Cleveland Indians vs. #2 Houston Astros

#1 Boston Red Sox vs. either #5 Athletics or #4 Yankees

National League

#5 Los Angeles Dodgers (or Cardinals) at #4 Milwaukee Brewers

#3 Atlanta Braves vs. #2 Colorado Rockies (Rockies get home-field for winning season series)

#1 Chicago Cubs vs. #5 Dodgers or #4 Brewers

In the National League, as stated, there’s still a little room for change. The Cubs are only a game up on the Brewers, and that’s the difference between the top seed and the fourth seed. If the Brewers are in the top seed, that means the Cubs are the home team for the wild card game against the Dodgers. The one-seed will definitely belong to an NL Central team. There’s also additionally a chance (albeit a shrinking one) that the Cardinals will be the #5 team in the playoffs, as they are only 2 games back of the Dodgers.

NOTE - The Dodgers are presently winning 3-1 in the 5th inning against the Giants, and there’s little reason for me to stay up to witness the outcome of that game. If I remember to, I’ll come back and edit this post after the fact when I wake up in the morning.

NOTE 2 - They won by that same score.

More or less, however, the playoffs are set. The entire AL field is set. The NL field is more variable, with every matchup not being set yet. Even the Braves/Rockies series can change a little, depending on which team ends up with home-field for the series. If there’s a tie in record, the Rockies get the home-field, due to winning the season series with the Braves. The only team not eliminated, who isn’t presently in the playoff picture, are the Cardinals.

So, with that said:

What are your predictions for these MLB playoffs? Who do you think is in the World Series? Who do you think wins the World Series? Who do you think is this post-season’s top player?

Below, I’ve attached a small form that you can copy and paste into your FanPost. This is completely optional, but if you are like me, you like forms, and knowing exactly what to fill out.

American League

WC Game

#5 Oakland Athletics at #4 New York Yankees -


#3 Cleveland Indians vs. #2 Houston Astros -

#1 Boston Red Sox vs. either #5 Athletics or #4 Yankees -


Red Sox/Athletics/Yankees vs. Indians/Astros -

National League

WC Game

#5 Los Angeles Dodgers at #4 Milwaukee Brewers -


#3 Atlanta Braves vs. #2 Colorado Rockies -

#1 Chicago Cubs vs. #5 Dodgers (or Cardinals) or #4 Brewers -


Cubs/Dodgers/Brewers/Cardinals vs. Braves/Rockies -


Cubs/Dodgers/Brewers/Cardinals/Braves/Rockies vs. Red Sox/Athletics/Yankees/Indians/Astros -

Post-Season MVP -