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MLB Playoff Picture Update 9/28: The Rockies are red hot

And the Yankees are close to clinching home field

Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

American League East

The Red Sox have clinched the American League East.

American League Central

The Indians have clinched the American League Central.

American League West

The Astros have clinched the American League West.

American League Wildcard

In the lone remaining race in the American League, the Yankees and Athletics are battling for home field in next Wednesday’s Wildcard Game. It’s going to be an uphill battle for Oakland to get that game on the west coast, as they are heading into the season’s final weekend with a two-game deficit. It was 1.5 games but then New York went out and blew out the Rays in a game that included some scuffling between the two sides. CC Sabathia gave up $500,000 in incentives to stand up for his teammates. New York owns the tiebreaker in this race, so they just need one win this weekend to wrap up home field.

Current AL Playoff Picture

E: Red Sox* (1)

C: Indians* (3)

W: Astros* (2)

WC1: Yankees (4)

WC2: Athletics (5)

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

National League East

The Braves have clinched the National League East.

National League Central

The Cubs and Brewers are in a tight race for this division heading into the final weekend of the year, with Chicago holding a half-game lead over Milwaukee before Thursday’s action. The Cubs had a tough time with Pittsburgh this week, but they came through when they needed to in the series finale. They got a clutch hit from surprising clutch star David Bote and old friend Jon Lester came through with a huge start to lead them to a 3-0 victory. With the Brewers having the day off, the Cubs now lead by a full game with three to play. If these two teams tie, the Cubs would have home field in a tiebreaker game.

National League West

The West is in a similar spot as the East with the Rockies playing the role of the Cubs here. They entered Thursday’s action with a half-game lead over the Dodgers by virtue of winning their previous six games. They were looking to push that streak to seven on Thursday while also building their division lead up to a full game. They did just that, getting some big home runs up and down the roster and getting out of the game with a two-run win over the Phillies. The Dodgers would hold home field in a tiebreaker game if these two teams end with the same record.

National League Wildcard

With the Rockies taking control of the NL West, no one involved in the wildcard race played on Thursday. As it stands now, the Brewers have clinched at least the top wildcard spot, and if they take over in the division then Chicago will have the top wildcard spot. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are currently trailing the Dodgers by a game for the second spot. St. Louis would be able to host a tiebreaker game with both the Dodgers and Rockies if either of them end up with the same record as St. Louis.

Current NL Playoff Picture

E: Braves* (3)

C: Cubs (1)

W: Rockies (2)

WC1: Brewers (4)

WC2: Dodgers (5)