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The Red Seat: Episode 95- End of Season Thoughts

The best regular season in franchise history is coming to a close. The playoffs loom.

MLB: Game One-Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official. This is the best Red Sox team in regular season history. With 107 wins in tow the team looks to close out the regular season against the Yankees at home. The hay is in the barn for this team now all they need to do is get as much rest while staying sharp for the ALDS on October 5th. There are concerns to be had about Chris Sale’s effectiveness, the bullpen, and offense at the catcher position and second base, but really things look very good. I will look back on the 2018 regular season as one of my favorite of all time. When I think of this year I will always think about Mookie Betts. Go Sox!

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