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Red Sox vs. Mets lineup: Chris Sale vs. Jacob deGrom

In the words of noted baseball scholar Marah Carey, “It don’t get no better.” Well, mostly.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox (102-47) and Mets (69-79) face off today at Fenway Park (1:05 p.m., NESN) in what could be a battle of this year’s Cy Young Award winners.

That’s good.

About today’s game: Chris Sale (12-4, 1.96 ERA) starts for the Sox. You know about him. He’s still working his way back into full-game shape, but he’s Chris Sale for as long as he’s out there. Jacob deGrom (8-9, 1.71 ERA) is also Chris Sale for as long as he’s out there, and his won-loss record belies the fact that’s he’s been the best pitcher in all of baseball this season. Per Fangraphs, his 7.7 WAR over nearly 200 innings is nearly a full win ahead of his closest competitor, two-time defending NL Cy Young winner Max Scherzer. Sale’s at 6.1 WAR over 50 fewer innings, suggesting they’ve been just about equally dominant this year... but if the old saying ‘health is a skill’ rings true whatsoever, deGrom’s had it this year, and Sale hasn’t. deGrom is almost certain to overcome voter preferences for wins and losses to win his first trophy, while Sale, who still leads the AL in pitching WAR, probably needs to nonetheless finish strong to have a shot. A good performance today would go a long way toward making that happen, and the Mets never score for their ace, so that’s good for Boston.

Because nothing is perfect, J.D. Martinez is getting a breather.

About yesterday’s game: JBJ hit a homer that wasn’t a homer, but Brock Holt cleaned up the mess and the Sox held on for a 5-3 win, their 102nd (!). Bobby Poyner pitched well, because he fuckin’ rules, pardon my French.

Forecast: Strikeouts. Lots of ‘em.

Today’s reading: From earlier this week, here’s Jake K. on why the Sox winning 100 games matters. Co-sign, btw.

A good tweet from Austin, who we like a lot:


Game 150 vs. Mets

Lineup spot Mets Red Sox
Lineup spot Mets Red Sox
1 Amed Rosario, SS Mookie Betts, RF
2 Jeff McNeil, 2B Brock Holt, SS
3 Wilmer Flores, 1B Andrew Benintendi, LF
4 Michael Conforto, LF Steve Pearce, DH
5 Todd Frazier, 3B Mitch Moreland, 1B
6 Jay Bruce, DH Ian Kinsler, 2B
7 Brandon Nimmo, RF Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
8 Kevin Plawecki, C Rafael Devers, 3B
9 Austin Jackson, CF Christian Vázquez, C
SP Jacob deGrom, RHP Chris Sale, LHP