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The Red Seat: Episode 91- Was August really that bad?

The team has no doubt struggled a bit as of late, but why?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Chicago White Sox Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

This team just wins, sometimes they win ugly, sometimes they pour on 11 run innings, and sometimes they come back at the end of the game when defeat looks certain. All these things are the mark of a remarkable baseball team. August hasn’t been great to Heath Hembree, Matt Barnes, Craig Kimbrel and most of the important parts of the bullpen. The starters have also been below league average during this month. Thankfully for the team the offense has remained the best in the game. This weekend the team will get a much needed reprieve with the addition of expanded rosters. This roster expansion will allow key members of the team to get a little rest and recharge for the eventual playoff push. I will say, I’m not sad to see that calendar flip to September though.

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