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FanPost Friday - What Would You Undo?

This Red Sox team is pretty legendary. Yet on a nightly basis, someone finds something wrong with the team. So here’s your chance to fix that!

Cleveland Indians v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Every season, Red Sox fans can be counted on to do three things.

  1. Come out in rabid support of players in very specific laundry.
  2. Take delight in the misery of the Yankees, whenever it presents itself.
  3. Find something wrong with something on the team.

There’s an argument for 3 only being a by-product of 1. When you have passionate fans who know their stuff, of course you are going to have passionate discussions about things you think the team could be doing better. And this is part of what makes being a Red Sox fan so much fun, you can almost always count on discourse of an intelligent nature, about any and all topics, as long as they pertain to the Red Sox.

Now, this isn’t to say those people are wrong, either, there’s a distinction between being critical, and being negative, as I’m sure we can all agree on. Within context of what I wrote above, I’m talking about critical discussion, something that happens quite often on OTM.

One of the things critics like to do? They like to second-guess moves. Sometimes, they even use the powers of hindsight, glorious as they are, to triple-guess a move. Whatever the purpose, I’m sure that everyone here has one thing they’d like to change about this team. We’ve spoken about additions, and to an extent, subtractions, but what if I were to give you the option to take back any one decision made since the end of the 2017 World Series?

This week’s topic is straight-forward:

What is one thing you would change between the end of the World Series and today, and why?

It can be any one decision. Perhaps you want us to never bring back Eduardo Nunez, or you want to see how things could have been different if we made a push to acquire a specific trade target at the deadline? This is your chance to second (or triple) guess the moves of Dave Dombrowski, Alex Cora, and everyone else on the Red Sox. It can be something as minor as a bad decision to hit and run, or it can be as major as a managerial hiring.